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How to make a good essay – step by step

There are five criteria for essay writing correction. Knowing them helps to go well, but that alone is not enough. Often, we do not know how to start writing, choosing the arguments, or how to gain time at this stage of the test. Thinking through this, we separate a step by step with tips on […]

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Here’s how to make the argumentative essay

Learn step-by-step to do Enem Writing: Understand the features of the essay-argumentative text. With the tips of this class, you have a better chance of writing the Introduction, Development, and conclusion of your coursework. Enough of being afraid to do the writing Many people tremble at hearing that they need to write an argumentative essay. […]

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9 tips to write a dissertation

A dissertation is one where the questions are opened and the answers are written by the candidate himself, usually the hand. This type of evaluation is common in public examinations, vestibular, school and university tests. They are very different from test tests, which appear in vestibular, and have multiple choices of answers. Check out some […]

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