Learn step-by-step to do Enem Writing: Understand the features of the essay-argumentative text. With the tips of this class, you have a better chance of writing the Introduction, Development, and conclusion of your coursework.

Enough of being afraid to do the writing Many people tremble at hearing that they need to write an argumentative essay. Learn how to write a good text to arrive safely at the time of proof.

The teachers at Blog and the Course Free will help you to scare this fear once and for all. Check below how to elaborate a dissertation-argumentative text within the standard required by the MEC to do the writing.

The statements of the Writing  always make clear what is asked. You can go training under the rules, and build the ten steps to do well.

In the specific case of essay writing you need to write a dissertation-argumentative text establishing a thesis, presenting a point of view and an argument on the problematic of the theme.

And it is also necessary to complete the essay-argumentative essay with a clear proposal of intervention or suggestion for the resolution or referral of the issues presented in the Theme. That is, it is very important to finish the essay with a solution or solution suggestion.

How to write a thesis – Understand the essay-argumentative text

As officially explains the manual of the writing test of the National High School Examination, the format required in these writing essays is that of a dissertation-argumentative.

This textual genre requires the student to construct and defend his point of view. You should come up with an initial thesis and present arguments that support your main point of view in the Writing (the same applies entrance exams).

Next, the candidate must present a proposal for intervention considering the Human Rights perspective.

The central elements for you to structure the essay-argumentative text at the time of writing are these:

  • Introduction (thesis and point of view);
  • Development (the arguments);
  • Conclusion (the intervention proposal).

The first step to make a thousand note writing:

First, read the motivational theme and texts. Text Interpretation is the foundation for you to ‘read and understand’ the statement. This will be your great starting point for writing a good dissertation and achieving success in the college entrance exam.

A careful reading will prevent you from committing one of the most common mistakes students make: get away from the topic. Which is why many essays earn zero marks.

Understanding the Essay Topic

You must be wondering: how to ensure that I understood the proposed theme? To get started, ask questions about it. Make a sort of questionnaire and reflect on the points raised.

This will facilitate the perception of how the theme should be developed. Here’s a free lesson on Text Interpretation.

Escape from the Theme is to lose points in the right way – In general, in the vestibular, the statement proposes as a theme a problem, and that demands a proposal of direction or solution.

So this strategy is very efficient: focus first on the problem, then on its causes and, finally, on the possible solutions.

Answer these six questions to make a Milestone Note

  • What’s the problem?
  • Why is this a problem?
  • What are the causes for such a problem?
  • Is there a solution?
  • How and why put such a solution into practice?
  • How can this proposal really solve the problem?

All of these questions are part of what we call brainstorming. Once these questions have been answered, develop a draft text and define in more detail the thesis to be defended. Let’s continue with our post-lesson on how to prepare an Argumentative Dissertation text.

Have you answered the 6 questions above?

If the answer is YES, then you already have a basis on how to start writing. Not yet? “Then go back to a paragraph, read the six questions again, and answer before you go on.”

OK, now you already have the necessary tools to create your thesis, that is, what will be defended throughout the paragraphs of your dissertation for the college entrance exam. Write down your ideas on a sketch sheet. Take care to choose a thesis that you know deeply and can defend with ease.

From this stage, you begin to put “the hand in the mass”. Give too much importance to the organization of your arguments. Your ideas must make sense.

Present your arguments in a harmonious way so that the reading of the text is fluid, that is, easy to read and understand.

Consistency and organization will value every point of your argument. The easier it is for the broker to understand your text, the better the chances of securing a good grade.

Components of an argumentative dissertation to make a Writing Note: a) introduction, b) development, and, c) conclusion.

1. Introduction

The introduction is equivalent to the first paragraph. In this part you will present the problem and its main approaches. Your main thesis should also be here. The arguments that will explain and defend your point of view will be in the following paragraphs. That way, you will direct the reader’s gaze to follow your line of reasoning.

2 – Development

The two or three paragraphs after the introduction make up the development. It is from the second paragraph that you will defend the thesis presented in the introduction.

Each paragraph of development must present arguments to support the preceding statements. In this way, it will be possible to analyze in depth and contextualize its main idea. Here’s how to do in these 10 examples of Copywriting Enem Note 1000.

3 – Conclusion

In the final paragraph of the dissertation, you should return to what you presented in the introduction, in order to reinforce the problem discussed so far. The difference is that in conclusion, you will present solutions on the issues raised earlier.

The key phrases in each paragraph will also be retaken. That way, when the reader finishes reading you will be sure that you propose the best possible solutions to the problems presented throughout the text. Here are the tips to correct your texts throughout the year.