There are five criteria for essay writing correction. Knowing them helps to go well, but that alone is not enough.

Often, we do not know how to start writing, choosing the arguments, or how to gain time at this stage of the test. Thinking through this, we separate a step by step with tips on how to make a good essay for college entrance examination.

The first valuable tips are to get organized before you start writing. Then you will read about writing the introduction, development, and completion. And you can put everything into practice with the writing module we have prepared.

How to make a good essay – step by step

How to have ideas to write?

First, read the essay proposal and circle the topic. Then read the motivational texts and underline the most important words.

You can use the content of these texts to elaborate your dissertation. This demonstrates that you have read the proof, a simple task that can be viewed with good eyes by a broker.

After doing so, reflect on the texts and what was proposed and questioned. Begin to organize what you already know about the topic and the information you got in the motivational texts. You can do write a draft.

How to start an essay?

Make an idea tree. When you finish reading the collection, write topics with all the ideas (all the same!) That pop up in your head.

Then you will select what is relevant to your dissertation. Then think about what you can write about each of the ideas.

Then choose a word that summarizes these thoughts, which may be the arguments of your final text.

The thesis, which is a position on the topic, should relate to the group of ideas you have chosen.

All of this should be a very quick process. If you can not think of two or three arguments – at least – for the idea, it is because it can not be well articulated in your text.

The Enem writing is argumentative essay text, so selecting and understanding what your arguments are is key to doing well.

And the introduction?

Write the introduction last. All argumentative essay text needs 1) introduction, 2) development and 3) conclusion.

The introduction is the first (superficial) contact your broker will have with your dissertation. So you can leave it to write it when you finish the text.

It is recommended that the introduction does not exceed 4 lines. You can add value to your text using as an example other texts and / or prior knowledge that have a direct relation to your argument. In addition, you should express your point of view regarding the problem situation presented.

How to do development?

The development of your writing has arguments that give strength to the positioning of your text. This part should have two paragraphs. You need to present relevant and clear arguments. Who will read your text needs to understand your message and your point of view.

Be aware of the ideas you have chosen and try to remember examples that relate to them.

They can be historical facts, behaviors of nature, quotes from Philosophy and Sociology, series, films, music, advertisements, scientific studies and other events of public access. Examples that happened in your personal life do not count.

What do you need to have in conclusion?

In conclusion, always propose a solution to the problem. In some vestibular, this is not necessary, so some people forget. But one of the five criteria to evaluate your note in the writing of the Enem is this proposal. That is, without it, you can already lose 200 points.

It is important to return to the ideas set out in the first paragraph, along with the arguments that substantiate your point of view and finalize the text.

“Elaborate proposal of intervention for the problem addressed, respecting human rights”. So those who do not meet this competence may lose points in the race.

A few years ago, people who did not respect human rights automatically received zero in the newsroom. Although this elimination criterion no longer exists, it is still very important to consider the rights of individuals when writing their dissertation

What about the title?

The title should be short and summarize what was addressed in the text, in addition to catch the reader’s attention.
But do not waste time with this task! In the title is optional. You can deliver your text without it and there will be no note discount. However, in other university entrance exams, it may be necessary to include a degree.